The Company was created in 1998 by Principal Instructor Barbara Jones.

Barbara Jones is a Registered Nurse and Midwife who has worked for several years in A&E departments. Since then Barbara has worked on Cruise Ships, where she uses her First Aid knowledge in Antarctica and other remote areas of the world.

Barbara finds First Aid simple and wishes to pass the practical aspect onto you whilst complying with HSE Regulations.

Aim of Our Courses

The Courses aim to create a Confident and Competent First Aider who will be happy to help friends, family and work colleagues in a First Aid capacity should the occasion arise.

You will know what to do when seconds count.

The Training

This is carried out in a happy relaxed atmosphere; clients are made to feel at ease and their competence and confidence increases with each completed practical scenario. Theory is essential, but it is kept to a minimum so that after many practical "hands on" sessions, the basic procedures are retained and recalled when it matters. The course remains up to date using current European guidelines for CPR and other medical emergencies.

Be FIRST when seconds count.

 Our speciality

We can train in your workplace, at your convenience, (subject to at least 4 participants) relating the "injuries and illnesses" to those relevant to your working environment, whilst complying with the HSE regulations. Or, if you have only one or two persons requiring training, we can join with nearby Companies to make up numbers, enabling your employees to train together and still reduce travelling time.

Our Location

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Terms and Conditions

 Our Terms, Conditions and Prices can be tailored to suit your requirements.

 Successful Completion

Completion and successful independent assessment (for the FAW Refresher) results in certification which is valid for three years. A one day Update course is recommended after one year in order to keep skills sharp.

 Course Evaluations

 There is an opportunity to complete course evaluations concerning the content and conduct of the course.

I hope we can be of service to you and look forward to discussing your First Aid training requirements

Principal Instructor :- Barbara Jones